Elevate your clients experience by fully preparing them for their engagement session with you with the help of this Canva template. This multi-page guide covers all aspects of planning, styling and educating your clients on their engagement session experience with you.

Engagement Session Client Prep & Style Guide

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Image layouts to provide your clients with inspiration for any session type.

Detailed instructions you can use to prepare your clients for an amazing experience with you.

30-page Canva Template that can be customized to your brand and with your photos.

The Engagement Session Client Prep & Style Guide Includes:

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This fully customizable Canva template is designed for photographers of all skill levels who are looking to elevate their next client’s engagement session experience with your clients. Use this guide to create an experience that will help your clients feel well-prepared and excited about having their photos.

Who is the template meant for?

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Elevate your client's engagement sessions by using your experience to fully prepare them on what to expect.

Avoid unnecessary surprises by knowing exactly where you will take their photos and exactly what the clients will wear. 

Effectively communicate what will work well and what may not based on the time, location and season of your session.

Ensure your clients feel confident and excited when preparing for their session by giving you the ability to provide your favorite vendor referrals to guide their styling.

Create better consistency in your portfolio and allow you to attract your ideal clients.

This easy-to-use template will help you...

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